Saturday, July 25, 2009

summer stock

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Anonymous said...

Hello from Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Gillette, your mom turned me on to your site after I sent her a birthday greeting. You see, we were good friends at Jefferson and more so at Western when I moved from Riverpark SW to a few blocks from Libbie, Gibby and her, there on Capitol Hill.

You are following the roots of all three with your arts, antiques, refurbishing old jewelry, and even writing(through your website!)

Thought you might want to learn a bit of trivia of Libbie and your Maand me!

Libbie sold me an old patchwork quilt for 15 dollars and I ended up in Wyoming, broken hearted and hitch-hiked by myself with that blanket from there to Washington DC. This was in 1972. Even slept with it under a highway bridge a day after the infamous flood of Rapid City South Dakota!I slept with it off the Beltway in the Maryland woods! My last ride took me into DC where I saw my old DC transit bus(was it #42?) which lead me to Libbie's home! She called your mother and we had a few fun days together.

I never really realized the absolute, total "coincidence" of Libbie and the blanket until this moment of writing you. Think of security and protection of a blessed old blanket from a kind Libbie , Gillette!

You just don't know how thrilled you and your husband's store makes me. I lived in an old river rock house, unmodern up in Wyoming for 15 or more years. We're talking two seater outhouse, wood heat and no running water. I was Running Water who carted it in two five gallon buckets from the cistern!

The house and attic were full of antiques. My X and I ended up buying it and there are amazing letters and cards from the Victorian era , on up to the fifties. Old toys and dolls from the late Victorian timeson into the thirties are other items there.

By the way, congradulations with the best of luck for your soon to be child, Gillette.

If you have a brass bed knob for an old iron, Victorian bed (from Bailey's Crossroads in the early 60's), please let me know. It should be about two inches in diameter.

Thank you, sincerely,

Karen Niblock (formerly Wheeler)

My email is